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Juan Korkie

Who am I? An intersecting of multiple parts, a community of selves. I am a photographer and a clinical psychologist, and in both roles my work is about the balance of light and shadow. I am not an objective recorder or reporter of what is in front of me, but creatively engaged in bringing forth something that is beautiful. The art, for me, is about creating something where my subjectivity and what I see becomes merged with who or what is in front of me. And what is beautiful to me is not an end product that is pretty, but one which conveys complexity and realness. 

I am deeply passionate about difference and what that means in life. In my own neurodivergence, and with my own mental health, I believe richness and complexity can be found in the borderlands of human existence. That grey place between right and wrong, beyond everything that is considered normal and socially appropriate. This is what I explore in my writing.

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